One of the first things I noticed in the world of the paranoid/survivors/truthers, is that they love to use acronyms.  This is actually very clever as it separates the prepared from the in-shock deadweight and also makes discussing certain aspects of survival more practical.  Here is your cheat sheet that will get you through a basic conversation with someone you’ll want to know.  Let’s take a leap of faith down this rabbit hole shall we…


ALPHA STRATEGY – Your A1 plan for supplies in case of shortages WTSHTF.

BUG OUT –This is a big one in this world.   At its core it’s to basically take off.  This can be in the form of a bag you grab (BOB, aka Go Bag), a vehicle you have available (BOV), a group of people you plan to connect with to survive (BOP), Bug Out Location, the general Bug Out Plan…you get the gist.   As an added insect plan there is also, Bug In, stay where you are…and I would hide while you’re at it.

CAMO – Camouflage.  An easy one for fashionistas and survivalists alike.

CEMA – Canadian Emergency Management Agency.  Canadian source for most accurate information in the face of any large scale emergency.  More on this one here.

CBRN – Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear

DOOMER – potentially me? Someone who believes that the human population will likely suffer a hit either by ecological or nuclear warfare.

GOBLIN – looter or otherwise reckless delinquent.

GOLDEN HORDE – this *&%^ is getting real.  This term refers to the first wave of terrified civilians that will resort to desperate looting and vandalism as they flee a city and swarm the countryside post-SHTF.

G.O.O.D. – Get Out Of Dodge

G.O.O.D. KIT – Get Out Of Dodge Bag…see above BOB

FAK – Let’s hope you’re not FAK-ed if you need it.  First Aid Kit.

FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency (American).  American source for most accurate information in the face of any large scale emergency.

INCH Bag – I’m Never Coming Home…bag…sniff

MRE – meal ready to eat.

NBC – Nuclear, Biological, Chemical

POLLYANNA OR POLLY –   Someone in complete denial that desperate times are on the horizon.  No wonder I’ve always loved the name Polly;)

PREPPER – a survivalist

TEOTWAWKI – Seriously? The end of the world as we know it.  Also the end of all practical acronymage.  Yes, yes I know it’s not a word, but I feel like a new language will clearly be born and this is my contribution.


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