Pollyannas Unite



Currently it is the year 2017 and we have a few thousand issues plaguing the world at the moment.  It can be very overwhelming to watch the news.  Many people turn a blind eye, take up meditation, volunteer, fight, hate, love…  There’s a whole spectrum of emotions circling the earth so you can really find your group anywhere.  It’s kind of like university.

It has been argued that with proper response a limited Nuclear attack is in fact survivable.  The information and education on this subject is actually very interesting as Government agencies were hesitant to promote too much knowledge on the subject should a wide spread panic ensue.  I get it, but I think we’re all pretty panicked about North Korea, the Middle East in general, and the variety of militias that are popping up like Little Free Libraries everywhere, so IMO best to prepare for the possibilities.

The catch is that unlike the days of yesteryear when most had a base knowledge of some survival tactics, we find ourselves knowledgeable in things that pertain to our current jungle. So I am writing this for all the women out there who aren’t naturally inclined to camping, whittling wood or time away fishing and hunting; for the women that have climbed the career ladder, but if they had to could certainly climb a tree.

Welcome one and all!  Hopefully you can learn a hack or two about emergency preparedness and sleep a little better at night knowing you can still use that a rolled up magazine as a weapon, but you can also use it for shelter, food prep and first aid as well.


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