Who Will Help PSHTF?



The CEMA and FEMA organizations.   (The Canadian Emergency Management Agency and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. ) These will be household names PSHTF as they are the organizations within the government that we will be looking to in order to give us accurate information and direction.  I won’t lie, the CEMA site is a bit sad at the moment.  Google FEMA and you actually find FEMA, Google CEMA and it’s a media company with no CEMA site in sight.  We might want to work on that.  While it does make sense, our issues tend to swing to the environmental variety, our population is far less dense than the US, we simply have less to cover, and it’s not a competition, but…  FEMA feels more on it.

As a more relevant source of local information you should familiarize yourself with your Municipal Emergency Plan.  “The Emergency Plan outlines how City agencies will respond to, recover from, and mitigate the impact of an emergency. The Plan contains sections that describe legal authorities, planning assumptions, concept of operations, operational life cycle, organizational responsibilities, and the preparedness cycle.”  They will have a map with “Reception Centres”, where you can go should you need shelter, food, water or information.  Know where these are.

In the event of a Bio-chemical attack the WHO (World Health Organization) or CDC (Centre for Disease Control) will be the ones issuing orders.


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