Let me tell you something about this bad girl.  It’s a-freaking-mazing!  If Macyver had been a woman, this is what she would be wielding.  Here are some wicked things the Tampon can do:

  • Bullet wound band aid – it’s the perfect size and sterile
  • Bandage
  • Water filter
  • Fire starter
  • Candle
  • Cork
  • Molotov Cocktail cap – kinda cool, but violent
  • Tampon – almost seems a waste.

Now, because we’ve touched on the female factor, let’s visit the land of menstrual alternatives.  There are a few to choose from, super absorbent undies, sponges and some cups, but I recommend the Diva Cup.  Ladies, just embrace your inner hippie and be done with it.  Trust me you’ll be ever so grateful you have one if you ever need it.  I frankly cannot fathom what alternative there is.  Check out these great tips on LE CUP.

How to insert THE CUP written by, Hannah Spray at

8 Menstrual Cup Hacks written by, Gina M Florio at




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