Alpha Strategy

primate-460871_1280ALPHA STRATEGY

Water is definitely going to be your priority and as for food, you’ll want things that keep and feed, basically they must have a long shelf life and feed the masses.

In your most basic emergency the CEMA and FEMA recommend 3 days’ worth of supplies in order to give them a chance to set-up and catch-up.

WATER – 1 gallon/day/person, (don’t forget your pets) – we also recommend a basic water sanitizer like the LifeStraw.  At $30 a straw or $105 for a family set-up, this thing is amazing.  It can clean 99.9% of contaminants for 1,000 liters of water.  Let me write that again, 1,000 Liters of water.  Just freaking amazing!

CAN OPENER – for, you guessed it, your 3 days worth of canned meats, vegetables and Fruit.  This is going to be my personal attempt at going vegetarian, but again that’s a personal choice.



CRACKERS – unsalted – this is no time to up your hankering for a drink.



INSTANT COFFEE – this is not recommended by any expert, but I recommend it for sanity’s sake.



FOODS FOR INFANTS – in my experience having that extra can of powdered formula stored will NEVER GO WASTED

RADIO – hand crank or battery powered with spare batteries and solar panel option.  Bonus feature: most come with flashlights too.

FLASHLIGHT – extra batteries (see above)

FAK – first aid kit

DUST MASK, PLASTIC SHEET & TAPE – pretend you’re painting, but buy duct tape instead.

BABY WIPES, GARBAGE BAGS – for personal sanitation (poor us)

WRENCH/PLIERS – to turn off utilities

DECK OF CARDS – you will be the life of the party

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