Free Drugs!

  Just kidding!  Ok, not all drugs, and not for everyone, BUT if you live within 50km of one of the nuclear facilities in Darlington or Pickering you too can have some free Potassium Iodide (KI) Pills.  Kind of awesome!  I ordered mine and it took 8 seconds. Go HERE to order your package today.... Continue Reading →

Forever Food

SEEDING This topic is really one that needs covering should there be a long term chance of survival.  Pack a few in any stash you may have and you will be so thankful you did.  Here is a list of the easiest seeds to plant with the greatest yield.   Potatoes Beets Carrots Radishes Spinach... Continue Reading →

Who Will Help PSHTF?

  The CEMA and FEMA organizations.   (The Canadian Emergency Management Agency and the Federal Emergency Management Agency. ) These will be household names PSHTF as they are the organizations within the government that we will be looking to in order to give us accurate information and direction.  I won’t lie, the CEMA site is a... Continue Reading →

Alpha Strategy

ALPHA STRATEGY Water is definitely going to be your priority and as for food, you’ll want things that keep and feed, basically they must have a long shelf life and feed the masses. In your most basic emergency the CEMA and FEMA recommend 3 days’ worth of supplies in order to give them a chance... Continue Reading →

Bug Out

BOL Some very fortunate people will have a Bug Out Location that they can use to plan even further into the future should a complete societal collapse take place.  If this location is in the country you must also consider the above, not to mention someone else finding it and rummaging through your basic supplies... Continue Reading →

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